Customer Comments

Kathryn A. & Bear, Jonah

Bear and Jonah love going to PCOS! One of our dogs was adopted from their shelter, and they both went to training at PCOS. They have boarded several times, and go to doggie daycare often. The staff at PCOS treats both dogs like family. The best review I can give comes from the dogs – as soon as we turn on Dyer both dogs go crazy with excitement. They know exactly where they are going, and can’t wait to get there!


Brooke H. & Penny

Penny and I both love PCOS. She has been going since she was about four months old and I feel like they consider her family as much as I do. I have a very busy schedule and don’t like to leave Penny at home alone all day. PCOS is affordable and gives my dog the needed play time for a high energy dog.
Penny also hates to be boarded more than a few days at a time and she will often chew on her paws creating hot spots. PCOS puts up with my neurotic Mom calls and keeps me well informed. 


Ashley F. & Maggie Mae

We’ve been taking our Wheaten Terrier for over a year now and LOVE this place. The prices for daycare, boarding, and obedience classes are great compared with other places in the area. Every time we drop Maggie Mae off for daycare, she starts wagging her tail and is clearly excited about going in. The staff knows her name and has even helped us with behavioral issues (humping other dogs) while there during the day.
We’ve also boarded here there for several 4-5 day trips and she is happy as can be when we get her back.
The obedience class was also helpful with simple commands. The instructor is great with suggesting minor changes in owner behavior which helped us train her.

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